Inguidomir, God gone Berserk

Inguidomir is the main villain of the Dark Blessings game. He was once a mortal shaman.


Name: Inguidomir HP: 1750 Age: 14,000 Primary Weapon: Powers, Runestones Gender: Male


Inguidomir is the villain of our story. He is a former shaman who, one day, looked at the sky and saw the Chaos God Tzeentch. He was the first mortal to know and understand the gods. After displaying many acts proving he is worthy to wield godly abilities, the Gods grant him ultimate power. But he craved more. So he appealed to all the gods with symbols, rituals, prayers, and sacrifices. The Gods foolishly grant him more powers. After gaining so much power the knowledge to use them occupies his mind, he goes insane and rampages. He uses his power to mutate into the ultimate divine being. The Gods imprison him, using most of their energy. Now the Gods have weakened, and Inguidomir has escaped. He drove the other Chaos gods insane, and you will have to fight them. He will be found in a castle throne room near the end of the game. The throne will be destroyed. The walls will have curses written on them, corpses will lie on the floor. He will be where you can’t look.

Inguidomir, God gone Berserk

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